My Platform

Leadership on Town Council

Internal strife has led to ineffective direction to Town staff.

Building Bridges to Our Future!

We need to work cooperatively as councillors, foster community confidence, and provide clear direction and leadership to Town staff. This means presenting a united voice to Grey County and a cohesive message around business and development opportunities

Infrastructure Renewal and Expansion

Addressing infrastructure needs cannot wait until 2031. For the third year in a row, depreciation expenses will exceed completed projects. This means the senior government levels see the Town of the Blue Mountains in decline and  increasingly ineligible for available infrastructure funding. 

Building Bridges to Our Future!

We need accelerated project approvals,  management and completion targets as the Town currently has over $200 million in assets and reserves.

SMART Sustainable Economic Development

Housing options should be available for all income levels and age groups. Citizens should be able to afford to live in the community where they work. 

Building Bridges to Our Future!

We must ensure community programs and services are in place to allow young people to live, work and raise their families here and to support the transitional housing needs of an aging population.