Hard Service Delivery

  • Water Services – 37% of drinking water produced after allowances for system maintenance is not metered and the Town does not know where it goes. Before adding staff and facilities FIND & PLUG THE LEAKS. I propose that within two years – targeting 4% leak identification each quarter – we identify 80% plus of the problem and immediately fix easily accessible leaks. Create plan to fix the remaining leaks  targeting under 6% leakage moving forward. By eliminating this waste, I will work to lower water costs and extend the period before expensive additional treatment and pumping assets along with the necessary staff to operate. 
  • Waste Water Treatment – Like water we have a severe leakage problem. The current 7-year plan to identify sewage leaks and then develop a plan to fix them is too long. We need to get 80% of the leak identification done in one year, immediately repair what is easily accessible and plan to fix the rest and target a leak free system. 
  • Septic Pump Out Truck Discharge Point – Address the operational and logistical challenges of Craigleith pump out and old treatment operations. 
  • Institute a program to increase longevity of the existing treatment plant.  
  • Dump Leachate – Determine if the leachate can actually be treated in our current facilities (this was never properly demonstrated in the initial study). Develop an effective program to treat the leachate likely at an on-site facility. Explore the opportunity such a facility could bring to attract new business opportunity. 
  • Deal with the increasingly regular and more extensive flooding and erosion problems occurring across the municipality. Complete a Comprehensive Drainage Map for the Town and stop working with limited, incomplete and, due to ongoing development, increasingly inaccurate current data. Get ahead of the curve – fix the problems existing today and have the tools to strategically plan to accommodate further growth in the future. Will have to work with federal, provincial and other governmental bodies (Conservation Authorities, NEC) but this work needs to be done and findings rapidly acted on. 

Capital Asset Management and Development – Infrastructure

  • Complete the Asset Management Plan the town has been developing integrate it into budget planning and get started on the work. 
  • Complete capital projects on time and budget. Move additional capital projects forward in the schedule and by 2020 reverse the trend whereby depreciation to our capital stock is greater than our adds to it makings us fully eligible once again for all levels of senior government funding. 
  • Complete existing infrastructure deficiency – not to mention new needs – sooner than existing 2031 schedule. 
  • Complete all existing water and sewer line inspections and then keep them current. Develop and monitor action plans to fix problem areas discovered during inspections.  

Cycling – Road and Paths

  • Cycling in all its forms has become very popular and shows no signs of diminishing. We need to be known as a cycling friendly community and destination which will further diversify our tourism industry. This will require progressive capital expenditures based on a comprehensive plan. 
  • Create a committee with at least one council representative, mandated to review all paths and roads in the Town (Provincial, County and Municipal) and their interconnections to adjoining municipalities. The committee will consider the needs of all users to improve and preserve safety for all and identify in a prioritized manner, beginning with the 2020 budget cycle, which areas and projects should be upgraded, how this will be funded and completed.  
  • Successfully achieving this goal in years not decades will require some outside the box thinking. I expect the adoption of some solutions not normally found in North America and some creative funding solutions which may not all be based on traditional public funding. 

Recreation and Community Services

The Town needs to strength and diversify the services available both as a service to our existing population and also to the diverse populations we need to attract to our community to underpin our economic development. 

We need year-round services for all ages. Programs and facilities to attract and enable people of ages to live and raise a family here, keep then engaged and improve the quality of life for all.

Possibly a large Community Centre with a host of indoor, outdoor and year-round services including but not limited to:


  • Indoor Gyms (children and senior activity programs, Indoor sports such as – basketball, volleyball, badminton, pickleball);
  • Training Facilities;
  • Improved quality and variety of outdoor fields including some with artificial turf – which can be domed for year-round activity – potentially with a walking / cycling track around the outside;
  • Multi-purpose year-round Aquatic Centre with programs to suit all age groups and abilities. Swimming is a life skill and so important in a community at the edge of a large body of water!