SMART Sustainable Development

Dig out the existing sustainable development town plan, renew / update as required and start doing the job.

Ensure our actions are coordinated across all the groups already working on the problems. Do not re-invent the wheel but work effectively to move strategies forward. Look to private along with public support for initiatives. Government can be a powerful facilitator but not always the 100% funder and risk taker. 

Filling and Creating More and Better Jobs

  • Every job supports others but do not take for granted those you already have. Work to ensure we do not create unnecessary road blocks to continued success and prosperity for existing employers. Encourage and celebrate success.  
  • Keep working to diversify the types of jobs available – and that means economic development – attract and develop other business in part by offering facilities which may include a new business park with special waste water treatment facilities  
  • We do not have a shortage of jobs. Reportedly there are approximately 2000+ unfilled positions in Town. We need strategies to attract employees to town both on an immediate and long-term basis. That means we must address housing issues. 
  • Work continuously to enhance our tourist business both strengthening and diversifying our current activity base.  

Housing for different age groups and suited to different financial means.

  • Young Families;
  • Empty Nesters;
  • Seniors – independent living;
  • Seniors – full span of assisted living; 
  • Residences for disabled and handicap individuals – supportive of the Events for Life footprint;
  • Seasonal Opportunities for area employees;
  • Affordable housing supported by the community but not all paid for by the community – Consider the Whistler model. 

Ongoing Development Realities

  • Due to the level of development pressure for further growth, the Official Plan needs to be continuously reviewed and updated and should be part of the rolling strategic planning process.
  • We need to be clear about the type of development, where we want it, and equally clear about what is not congruent with our wishes. 
  • We have to provide clear answers and a pathway to any development proposal – not years of dangling in the wind and changing answers which lead to hearings and lawsuits. 
  • People should not be buying land and investing funds without a clear understanding as to whether their plans are in compliance with the official plan, if we want this type of development and if so what conditions would exist. 
  • Create clear and realistic Development Agreements and live by them - Same for existing agreements. Be precise in what we agree to and ensure conditions are met by all parties.  

Rural Life and Agricultural Activities

  • Work with, rather than against, agricultural operations and expansion. 
  • Encourage ongoing and diverse types of agricultural activities. 
  • Develop an alternate route for heavy agricultural traffic from one side of Thornbury / Clarksburg to the other. Working with the County, Conservation Authority and the Town redevelop and realign the 10th line including a new Clendenan bridge over the Beaver River.